Last month, I went to my first Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) Graduates and Students Committee meeting, something I’d been meaning to do since February. I think it was the momentum built up by finally making a meeting that lead me to volunteer for a new role as, well…we’re still working on the title. Something like ‘media liaison’ or ‘public perception promoter’. Everyone likes to be appreciated (even engineers) and for a while I’ve felt that we don’t get out there and promote what we do enough. It’s no co-incidence that construction toys are pretty much ubiquitous in the modern childhood, even if it’s only at the level of putting two wooden blocks on top of each other.

Somewhere along the line, that innate fascination with building is subsumed by an interest in computer games, but programs like ‘mega-structures’ suggest there’s a latent interest that’s kept alive. With all the problems of climate change and the problems of sustainable development, engineering skills must surely have a part to play in the future – perhaps there’s some way to use that latent interest in building and construction to raise interest in engineering solutions. After all, there’s a future to build.

This blog hopes to record the progress of this role. It may never become public – but if it does, then this is where it all started.