The response to last week’s photos has been fantastic! Members of the build team were E-mailing me the morning after to say that they’d had clusters of engineers around their desk to check out the photos. It would be fantastic if the same sort of interest can be duplicated when the project becomes public.

On the engineering side, now that we’ve solved the issues of vertical stability, we need to make sure that the structure will be laterally stable. Last week’s arch was reasonably robust, but of course it wouldn’t take much to push it over sideways unless the supports were fixed to the ground. By joining a series of arches together, we can be made stable enough to comfortably resist the wind and ‘accidental’ nudges. For a prototype that joins several arches together we’re definitely going to need a bigger venue – I’ve no idea yet where we might find a space large enough, but I’ll post as soon as I do!